Robert L. Alexander II

Doctoral Student | Design Sceince Program

I am currently working with several collaborators to launch a project which showcases national scientific achievements through orchestral sonifications. I am developing a number of tools which will enable full-time researchers and casual enthusiasts to explore the world of science through sound.
I am a doctoral student in the Design Science Program at the University of Michigan. My research lies at the intersection of technology and creativity, and my goal is to create new interfaces for enabling human expression. I am working as a sonification expert with the Solar Heliospheric Research Group. Sonification is a process through which any kind of non-auditory data is translated as sound. We're transforming space data into the sonic realm such that we can gain new perspective, and begin to ask new questions. During my time at the University of Michigan I will work to bridge the gap between the artistic and scientific communities.
I am advised by Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen, Professor, Space Science and Aerospace Engineering; Associate Dean for Entrepreneurship at the College of Engineering, and Dr. Mary Simoni, Associate Dean for Research and Community Engagement, Professor of Performing Arts Technology at the School of Music.

Robert L. Alexander II
University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI, 48109, USA
E-mail: rlalexan at